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Tonight I am closing up Christmas and making soup. I think soup is magic. Soup starts with water. Add ingredients, add more water, add herbs, more water, add whatever you want, and more water.(Yes, I’m counting chicken and beef stock as water.) Magic. A meal is created. Serve hot, topped with cheese or more herbs or a sprinkle of this or that for garnish. Serve with a baguette and salad. A perfect way to end another cold day of winter.  Freeze the rest or package for lunches. Soup.

I love soup. I love a really hearty, vegetable-filled beef soup.

I want to spend these next two cold months making soups. The long, dark tea time of the soul - January and February, early March. The Christmas decorations are down and packed away. There is 4-8 inches of snow falling tonight. I have one more day of vacation and one weekend, then I am back to work. With a lunch pail of soup and ready to start 2014.

I started tonight with this recipe:


But seriously, why do you need a slow cooker for all canned vegetables? Canned potatoes??? I don’t get it. So here’s how I did it:

28 oz can generic crushed tomatoes (which looked more like tomato puree, but it works)

1 lb soup bone from Forks Farm (http://www.forksfarmmarket.com/)

Put both in the slow cooker

Add four carrots, sliced thin

Add four potatoes, between diced/cubed

Add two onions, diced

The can of tomatoes was thick, so I needed to add more liquid. I didn’t care for the “beef with onion soup mix” in the recipe, and I didn’t have any beef stock, so I heated 3 cups of water to a boil and added 3 bouillon cubes. Whisk until dissolved. I’m not a fan of the bouillon cube, but as I am cooking more, I see there is a place for them in the pantry. Back-up, if you will. I just don’t understand them. How is it better to get that flavor from a cube as opposed to cooking down some meat? Easier, I guess. But can’t I do that some other way?

All of this is in the crock-pot as I write tonight. Tomorrow the magic happens. I have a quart of Lancaster corn (put up and frozen this Summer), a can of Green Giant kitchen-cut green beans (I love that they show a kitchen-cut on the label), and a can of Green Giant sweet peas. I have a can of dark red kidney beans that I may throw in.

I’m posting this tonight even though tomorrow is when the critical cookery commences.

The recipe calls for adding all of the canned juice. But I already added water/beef stock. So I will add the canned vegetables slowly and purposefully. The only spices I added thus far are a few grinds of course pepper and some kosher salt. I want to see how it tastes tomorrow morning, then may add some dried green herbs.

More tomorrow….

Side note: These amazingly fun ice orbs from Sur de Table are a fun plus from anything between a cocktail to a glass of water. A snow ball may serve the same purpose.

And why can't I upload photos tonight?? How can one post a cooking journal without pictures?

ice orb

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