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Sunday in April- a meal for me

It's been a great Sunday. Warm, warm weather and much-needed sunshine.
This morning, I had my coffee and finished my book on the back patio. Chatted with the neighbors. Had a second cup.
Late morning, I was rather lazy. I took stock of the master bedroom that I'm re-doing. I did some laundry. I played my favorite computer game.
At 1:30, I pulled a 45-minute volunteer shift at The Colonial Theatre. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was the Sunday Classic today.
But I didn't stay to watch it. I had other things to do on this beautiful afternoon.
So I rode 25 miles on the Chester Valley Trail, finishing up at Malvern Wegman's for light grocery shopping and a big drink of water.
I stopped for gas. I came home and did laundry. I put the tax stuff in view so I am sure to mail it tomorrow.
Then, it was dinner time.
I burned a lot of calories today, and I wanted a very good dinner. I wanted to relax and repose on this lovely Sunday evening, with the windows open and the daffodils and tulips in bloom.
So, sauteed chicken, raviolis with vodka sauce, and a spinach salad. Most definitely more calories than I burned, but so be it.
I have lunch for tomorrow. Dishes are done. Game of Thrones was awesome.
Perhaps two Oreo cookies before bed time.
I am really not good at cooking meat on the stove top. I struggle with chicken, hamburgers, steak, etc. I know I keep the heat too high on the gas burners, but other than that, I just can't master it.
This recipe is simple and delicious. I cut a chicken breast into thirds. I heated olive oil and a little butter in a pan. The chicken started to stick to the pan as soon as I put it in, so I added a little chicken broth, caper juice, lemon, salt, pepper. I lowered the heat and covered the pan.
Then I cooked the fresh ravioli (2 minutes in boiling water) and heated the vodka sauce.
The salad was fresh spinach dressed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a touch of lemon juice, and salt and pepper.
I timed this meal perfectly, and I was in front of the TV at 9pm for Game of Thrones. Still too late for dinner. And I should not eat at the coffee table. I will work on these habits. But I do love my living room.


I am going to sleep very well tonight.

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